June Rate Hike - How do you prepare?

It’s no coincidence that inflation is at 40 year high given the fact the government has printed trillions of dollars over the last couple years and delayed debt repayment (ie. student loans forgiveness).

Even high school economics can tell you this will cause a huge inflation spike. At the build back better plan was not passed. This would have arbitrarily juiced the stock market for the mid-term elections before crashing in early 2023. I personally believe the Government should not be able to print money without holding a National vote…but I digress.

The next rate hike is slated for June. Estimates are another 50 basis points in June and potentially another 50 basis point hike in July.

From my perspective, most of these rates hikes have been priced into the market. I’m planning on another 3-5% drop in the Dow between now and June and ~8% for the NASDAQ.

This will be a great opportunity to trickle in some money over the next couple weeks.

That’s funny when you Jeff Bezos agrees with you. (non political opinion - strictly facts).