January 6 Committee Spectacle. Does anyone actually care?

What happened on Jan. 6 was embarrassing and absolutely unacceptable no matter your political affiliation. Tonight starts the main stream media’s full blown coverage of the Jan. 6 committee.

As a middle class American, there are more pressing issues going on right now that deserve much more attention than an event that happened 1.5 years ago. I realize the Democrats need to avert everyone’s attention away from gas prices, inflation, and the impending recession. However, if they think this will sway any voters, it won’t. In fact, this disillusionment will have the opposite effect.

The Democrats need to stop blaming Trump and start making the tough decisions. I stand by the fact that in order to move towards a green future, we need it financed through a strong oil and gas industry so we are energy independent (not a Trump supporter). High gas prices will make it difficult/impossible for middle class people to purchase new electric vehicles. This will also drive up overall energy costs.

As the recession starts to grow legs, more and more Americans will be faced with financial hardships. My estimation is we will start seeing these impacts in mid-July.

We will circle back.