How to add a slicer to filter Excel Table

Tables are a useful feature in Excel for Data processing. You can convert a range of cells into an Excel table to make managing and analyzing a collection of linked data more accessible. Excel provides some simple methods for converting a range to a table.
Before adding a slicer to filter the data in excel, you need to convert the data range into a table.

Converting a range to a table


  1. Select your data range

  2. Go to Insert >> Press Table – to popup Create Table dialog box


  3. Make sure My table has headers checkbox is checked and press “OK

    Now your table is ready to add the slicer

  4. Insert 5 rows and 3 columns - give sufficient space on the left and top of your table

  5. Click any cell in your table

  6. Go to Table Design >> Press Insert Slicer – to popup Insert Slicers Dialog box

  7. Check “Product” and Press “OK” to add the Product slicer to your excel sheet

  8. Adjust your slicer (Product Slicer) height and width to fit your screen

  9. Select any item in the slicer you can see the filtered data in your table